Harper G | Sneak Peek | {Ciji B Robinette Photography: Middle Tennessee Child Photographer}

So here it is…my first session AND blog post of 2015. I really want to try to do a blog post with each session. I really do have great intentions every year.

But then the sessions start piling in (which I am so thankful for <3) then I get behind.

Maybe I will actually train an assistant this year. And by assistant, I mean my little sis ;)

Anywho…yesterday evening we had Harper’s ONE YEAR session! I first started photographing her six months ago on a hot summer day.

I have gotten to know Harper & her family so well over the past few months. I am blessed with amazing clients!

I love how we develop a friendship and we all become so comfortable. When it doesn’t feel like work at all <3

Please show this sweet family some lovin’ ;)

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Caroline-Six Month Session | {Ciji B Robinette Photography-Middle Tennessee Child & Family Photographer}

Caroline first came to see me as a fresh little newborn baby back in August.

Usually a Tennessee August is hot, sticky & humid. But her newborn session was unseasonably cool on a sunny, breezy day.

Her six-month session just took place on February 22nd & was unseasonably warm!

We got to get out on the gator to take some beautiful outside shots.

Her parents warned me when they first arrived that she was tired & may be a little cranky. But she handled her session like a pro :)

She stayed happy the entire time & even gave me a few smiles :) (after her momma & daddy told me the noise she liked that made her laugh, hahaha)

I can’t thank this family enough for letting me be the one to capture their precious little Caroline.

I am looking forward to her one year session already <3



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February 2014-Month Two of our 365-Project | {Ciji B Robinette Photography-Middle Tennessee Child & Family Photographer}

It is hard to believe that it is already March!

I am still sticking with this 365-project & I am really enjoying it so far. It doesn’t feel like work at all.

I find myself excited about what I am going to capture each day :D

Somedays are blah and other days I am so excited about what I got for the day.

Right now I am using mostly my big camera. I know that may change later on in the year as I get busier with work.

But I am fine with just using my phone some days too.

I am adding everything to Instagram, so if you are interested in following at all I can be found by clicking my link here | cijilbr

You can also follow me on pinterest. You can find me by clicking here | Ciji Robinette

I post a lot of lyrics, food I love to cook, & a ton of exercises that I’ve never even attempted to do ;)

Here are my favorite shots from February.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by to take a looksy <3

With Love,




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Vivian | {Ciji B Robinette Photography-Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}

Well, hello there 41 day old Vivian!
Honestly, I was so nervous & unsure exactly how this session was going to pan-out.
I usually do 5-10 day olds…then not again until three months old.
I can handle awake babies. Awake babies are no issue at all for me.
I seriously thought, at her age, that she was just going to loathe me.
But surprise…she was so happy!!
She stayed awake for the first part of her session. She looked at us with bright eyes & didn’t mind us moving her at all.
Vivian finished the session with a nap and even let me pose her.

I don’t think she is going to have any problem at all handling her two older brothers ;)

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Avery–Celebrating 9 Months Cancer-Free! | {Ciji B Robinette Photography-Middle Tennessee Child & Family Photographer}

Ahh, sweet Avery. . .

I consider every one of my sessions special.
Sometimes I know my clients beforehand, and sometimes the day of our session is the first time we ever meet.

In Avery’s case, it was kind of both.
I had heard about & prayed for a two-year old little girl in a nearby town with cancer.
I had not ever met her or her parents, but being a mother myself you also picture your own babies when you hear of something frightening.
And I’m not sure there is a much more frightening word in the world than “cancer”

Last summer while eating lunch at Puckett’s Grocery in Columbia fate come into play.
It was a hectic trip. Both of my kids were unsatisfiable. Nothing made them happy.
They wanted to do anything but sit down & eat. Finally one spoke about the bathroom then all of a sudden both of them needed to go.
But it was a blessing is disguise. I met Tiffany, Avery’s mom, in the bathroom at Puckett’s :)
Tiffany, a big talker + Me, another big talker=Instant friendship!! :D

So, just a couple of weeks later I took Avery’s pictures for the first time.
Even after the session was over they came back inside where we talked for probably another hour.

Last month Avery celebrated being nine months cancer free!!!!!
She still goes every three months (I believe three months is correct) to make sure all of her scans look clear.
Cancer free does not equal worry free.
Please add sweet Avery to your prayer list to live a healthy life into her granny ages <3 I love you, Jenks Family! xoxox

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